Tracey M. Hawkins Art Historian | Art Consultant | Writer | Editor | Curator

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As a writer, curator, historian and professor, I am a guide. Every artist, every painting, every sculpture, every exhibit, every class has a story to tell. My extensive experience in every vein of the visual arts has enabled me to become the eternal Virgil.

Whatever your project may be, I pledge to shepherd you along a unique journey toward a destination tailored specifically for your story.


Tracey M. Hawkins is a professor of Art History in Atlanta, GA. She holds a Master's degree from Emory University where she specialized in Mannerism and Modern/Contemporary Art History. Both a collector and an artist herself, her great passion is traveling, and she has studied, lectured and adventured extensively throughout Europe, Russia and Africa. Tracey has been a contributing editor and writer for various print publications such as American Contemporary Art and Frontier Airlines magazine as well as award-winning websites, galleries, private artistic institutions and individual artists. She has also served as a director, curator and consultant for several Atlanta-based galleries representing a diversity of styles from sporting art to contemporary abstract painting and sculpture.